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Light gathers
People and waste

The portable light ring Halo creates a place for people to gather through its luminosity and shape and offers the possibility to collect litter in the volume of its inner ring.


Halo's light activates reflectors on surrounding BSR bins to make the structure visible for trash disposal at night. This way, handy rubbish can easily end up in the bin.

Example of use
in the park
Halo | Interactive lighting concept to reduce littering in city parks

Collaboration project with BSR
[Berlin city cleaning service | 2019]


Berlin parks are highly frequented. Especially in the large areas, rubbish is scattered inconsiderately. Night-time visitors in particular have no awareness of how to deal with their own rubbish. Couldn't people's litter habits be intuitively improved?

Where there is light, people gather. Where they are seen, social control increases. At night, the BSR provides lights for the park that encourage people to come together.

Halo is a torus-shaped light body that can be carried freely through the park. With its illuminated outer surface, it atmospherically brightens up the nearby surroundings. Halo creates a place for a sociable get-together. Waste can be collected in the volume of its inner ring. The rubbish is placed on the park floor.

To ensure that the nighttime habitat of plants and animals remains undisturbed, Halo changes lighting colours and brightness depending on the location: in open areas, Halo shines more strongly than near dense vegetation.

Halo provokes a concentration of litter and a conscious handling of it. For large areas, Halo will not replace existing rubbish bins - the light from Halo activates reflectors on BSR rubbish bins to make the structure visible for disposal at night.

Collaboration Project  BSR Berlin - KH Berlin
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