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KlickEar | Size-adjustable
In Ear headphones

Mixed Materials Project KH-Berlin  [2017]

KlickEar is a size-adjustable in-ear headphone that can be universally adjusted to fit the ear. Born from the idea of designing an In Ear headphone whose shape is proportionally softer from earpiece to cable in order to avoid cable breakage, I also developed the concept of a size-adjustable headphone.

Mechanical principle: By means of an integrated click system, KlickEar can be comfortably inserted into the ear and adjusted to the respective ear size.
The soft membrane expands automatically due to the pressure applied during insertion and adapts universally. With light pressure on the cable, the mechanism unlocks and the earpiece can be easily removed from the ear.

Variants: Multi-material printing has recently made it possible to 3D print many different combinations of plastic together. The possibilities range from hard to soft, from glossy to matt and from opaque to transparent.

This creates the basis for printing many variations of the earpiece.

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