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icos³ | intelligent co-opperartion system

Collaboration with the BMW Group

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Step by step, intelligent algorithms are approaching the dynamics of human thought processes. Starting with simple 'tic-tac-toe', algorithms are now defeating human opponents in 'Go' - the most complex game in the world. As human and artificial intelligence become closer, it is now important to think beyond static forms of interaction tied to physical devices. In the future, interaction with digital assistants will require a more intuitive approach than is possible with a mouse or keyboard. The intelligent co-operation system 'icos3' allows the dynamics of artificial intelligence - uninhibited by static materialisation - to enter the spatial world of humans. Far away from screens and touchscreens, this is made possible through the use of holographic projections. Through an intuitive, gestural and three-dimensional interface, interaction with artificial intelligence becomes visually, acoustically and tactilely perceptible. This creates a spatial representation of an artificial intelligence. icos3 creates interaction surfaces that are independent of location. Whether at home, on the road or in the office - the intelligent everyday assistant acts where it is most needed, in the focus of the humans.

Interaction spaces
for use

Small interaction space on the wrist for spatially limited situations such as in the underground or similar.

Large space for full three-dimensional work.

Outer interaction space for presentations and site-specific projections.

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Basic gestures 

In order to match the variety of interactions in the third dimension, a new, intuitive way of dealing with the spatially active assistant is required. A basic gesture catalogue helps to find a common language.


Comfort on both sides. Consumers have offers "within reach".

Providers have new opportunities for advertising design and placement.

The seamless connection of the different projectors enables dynamic control in any situation.

This makes it very easy to control an all-space presentation from the wrist.

Even on foot, icos3 enables a quick route to the destination through spatial navigation

Focus on the essentials through a minimised interface that is always adapted to the situation

Collaboration project BMW-Group - KH Berlin
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