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IMPACT | A Transparent Solution for Sustainable Investing

Two Persons | Two Weeks

To reach the 1.5°C target by 2030, we need three times as much investment in sustainable energy. Unfortunately, a lot of opacity and greenwashing shape the market. A great deal of research is necessary to identify genuine impact investments. How can we simplify matters to make it easier for people to enter this field?

IMPCAT is lowering the hurdle. It summarizes sustainable investment offers by pre-filtering with a sharp focus on data completeness (transparency check). Furthermore, the search options allow you to customize your personal balance between yield and impact. With an educational aspect and a simplified process, it enables everyone to enter the field.

The UI/Visual appearance is trustworthy and professional, yet still inviting and personal. We aimed for a balance of playfulness and sleekness. The app should introduce you to the topic like a friend, not as a teacher. The color scheme combines the FinTech and sustainable worlds. For better user orientation, the app is divided into two levels, each identified by a distinct color. The financial level features a white background and serves as the section for your daily investment-related actions. The informative section, with a petrol (blue-green) background, provides further information about the app's functions, rationales, and the topic in general.

Click Prototype

Click your way through the prototype here.

(If something is not clickable, try one of the areas marked in blue instead)

Scan the QR code and easily test the prototype on your own smartphone. (Best screen size: Iphone 14)

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