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Prophylaktor | Interactive dental prevention at the highest hygiene standard

Order for Dentropia Vertriebs GmbH

Dental prophylaxis is a complex and important topic. In childhood, everything starts with tooth brushing exercises. But also in the further course of life, brushing and care exercises that correspond to a specific diagnosis are important. Whether chalk teeth, braces, implants, dentures or periodontitis - every age group needs prophylaxis. In order to teach the multitude of exercises, according to the findings, a system is necessary that can guarantee a consistent quality standard.

In the context of the dental practice, this must be done at the highest standard of hygiene, as brushing exercises can spread spittle and blood. High frequency could otherwise lead to the spread of infections.

The "Prophylaktor" prophylaxis station is a holistic solution: consisting of a washstand and an interactive mirror display, it becomes a suitable tool for a variety of exercises. A self-cleaning washbasin and an innovative cleaning lamp ensure minimal manual cleaning effort. A step system allows young and old to brush at this washbasin and the touch-free dispenser unit reduces the risk of spreading germs.

Poor dental hygiene can cause a variety of diseases that increase the risk of heart attacks, pneumonia and diabetes. Learning to use dental hygiene correctly is therefore particularly important.

Explainer video
in dental prophylaxis
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Cleaning exercises are subject to a high infection risk
Dependence on good professional staff
display mirror

During the instruction, you can check in your own reflection whether you are cleaning correctly.
Knowledge is continuously and consistently communicated through fixed content.

Educational contents


The most common cause of tooth loss for adults is periodontitis. Periodontal prophylaxis is particularly important as it is also considered a risk factor for heart attack, pneumonia and diabetes.


When you get an expensive denture, you want to keep it as long as possible. Improper care can lead to periimplantitis. Exercises on how to use interdental brushes and choosing the right toothpaste can already be very helpful.

Brushing exercises

Correct brushing guides and helps us throughout our lives. However, the correct use of dental care products is not something we are born with, neither is it something that all children are given from home. Therefore, tooth brushing exercises are important from an early age.

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When wearing fixed braces, adequate oral hygiene is often difficult. This makes it all the more important
is to learn how to care for this external object. Numerous exercises that can be shown in the mirror and practised at the same time can help.

three principles
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Contact-Free Technology
Air and surface

Without touching, water flows for brushing teeth, washing hands or filling cups.

Soap, disinfectant and mouth rinse can be dispensed without touching.

Mouth rinsing cup and paper towel only contact when taken out.


Each time the tap is used, the basin cleans itself automatically through the flow of water.
Each subsequent flow from the sensor tap contributes to the cleaning.

UV-C lamp system
cleans chemical free

New technology

Far UV-C light is harmless to humans and still disinfects the washbasin surface in just a few minutes.

The light source works for approx. 30,000 hours. At 10 hours a day, this corresponds to over 5 years in a dental practice.

The air purification systems remove germs, e.g. viruses and bacteria, from the air more than 20 times per hour. (20sqm treatment room)

By order for Dentropia Vertriebs GmbH
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