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Du bist interessiert an meinem UX/UI-Gestaltungsprozess und möchtest sehen, wie und warum ich Entscheidungen treffe? Hier findest du eine Auswahl verschiedener Fallstudien, die diese Prozesse im Detail erklären.

Hinweis: Da die folgenden Artikel in englischer Sprache verfasst sind, ist auch diese Übersichtsseite ausschließlich auf Englisch.

The bare essentials.png
The Bare Essentials — A Minimal Design Intervention | Heuristic Redesign of a Bus Travel App



After the last redesign of Ecocline in 2016, I think it’s more than time again. My plan was to stick with the current design as much as possible and just change what is needed for better usability and accessibility. But even small changes can have a huge impact on the information output and how the story of the whole bus journey is told.

Would you visit a Doctor while feeling healthy? | An Approach to Individual Health Prevention

Health Care


Over 600,000 people in Germany die every year from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. For more than half of the patients, the disease is detected too late for proper healing chances. Prävention:N is an individual health prevention app which guides you through the process, step by step.

E-Comerce thumbnail.png
Would You Use an Online Shop You've Never Seen Before? | An Evaluation of Trust, Expectations, and Business Values in the Universe of E-Commerce



A client who wants to expand their stationary store with an online shop. Our job was to rethink brand strategy, business values, and to highlight the outstanding qualities of their stationery business. It was essentially about how to grow a trusted family-owned store into a trustworthy online solution.

Frame 46.png
Sustainable Investments: How to Make a Genuine Impact in a Market Clouded by Greenwashing | Who Can You Trust When Investing in Green Projects?



To reach the 1.5°C target by 2030, we need three times as much investment in sustainable energy. A great deal of research is necessary to identify genuine impact investments. How can we simplify matters to make it easier for people to enter this field?

Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-20 um 22.44.53.png
Eco-friendly Transportation: Would You Ride a Bike When It Rains? | A weather-based navigation concept with crowdsourced real-time updates



On average, people in Berlin use public transport for 60 minutes a day. How can we make the conditions of public transport more comfortable and also encourage people to adopt eco-friendly habits?

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